SHP exists to help our clients improve business performance by bridging the persistent gaps between brand strategy, product strategy, and customer experience – ensuring alignment between a brand’s promise to customers and what is actually delivered. How? With a proven method for which the firm is named.

Strategic Harmony® is a facilitated process, decision model and analytics tool that work together as a system, driven by the voice of the customer, to optimize the value of investments in product development, technology and customer service. It helps companies make better choices, underpinned by metrics and collaborative rationalization, early in the development decision-making process before there are significant sunk costs in projects.

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Our clients gain immediately actionable new insights into how to most powerfully convert development investments into brand equity, pricing power, and competitive advantage, and doing it all more sustainably. The result is boosting profitable growth by getting to market faster with the things that will matter most, improving resource allocation efficiency, reducing R&D costs, and reducing environmental impacts of product development, delivery, and use – as well as reducing supply chain dependence on ever scarcer and more costly natural resources.

We also have a long track record of advising clients on developing brand positioning and marketing strategy, branding architecture, and managing brand health over time for accountability, control, and value creation. Talk with us about your business challenges. If they’re not in our sweet spots, we’ll connect you with other best-in-class resources.