Strategic Harmony® focus areas of executive and career coaching include:

  • Career choices and career building
  • Leadership
  • 1-on-1 coaching on marketing and brand strategy (for marketing and non-marketing executives)
  • Aligning marketing and product/service innovation (working individually and with teams)
  • Mentoring marketing and product management teams in early-stage rapid-growth companies

What would you like to be different? Maybe you’re thinking that you really do like or even love the company you’re working for, but that things could be going better – that you could be getting better results from your team and yourself, find more meaning in your work, and be happier and more excited about getting up in the morning. Or maybe you’ve already decided that you really need to be doing something different. That could be something different inside the company you already work for, or moving to a different company, or becoming self-employed. Or maybe you’re already self-employed but feeling that it’s time for a different dream.

Making the most of your current job. Effectiveness and fulfillment hinge on a combination of skillful listening, prioritization, collaboration, delegation, and negotiation – with strong accountability, good ideas, work-life balance and confronting truths that are not always easy to take. We may work together on any or all of those. For both your sake and your employer’s, it’s important to be clear on which problems are beyond your control and which problems you may be contributing to yourself and are up to you to fix. Otherwise you risk having your problems follow you if you do decide to make a change.

Making a change. If you’re looking for other opportunities (hopefully for the right reasons), it’s challenging to sort out and balance the intellectual, emotional, psychological and financial aspects of changing careers, companies, or even roles within your company. Choosing your best option – and ultimately being successful and fulfilled – requires deep self-knowledge. That means helping you get your innermost needs, your strengths, and your weaknesses in sharp focus and committing to strategies for personal growth. When confronted with multiple choices, you will find a personal adaptation of the Strategic Harmony® choice optimization model to be powerfully helpful in evaluating alternatives against the criteria that really matter. Our goal will be identifying the optimum balance of a comfortable livelihood for you and leveraging your talent and experience while, above all, feeding your soul.

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Whether you want to make the most of your current job or feel ready for a change, Strategic Harmony Partners founder Steven Cristol can
help. As an insider he has worked for four well-known companies and a Silicon Valley venture-backed startup. As a consultant he has advised
more than 40 companies from Global 100 to pre-IPO momentum businesses. He has also been coached by exceptional
coaches, so he understands the mutual commitment required for success.

Steven is driven to help you be more successful at what you’re doing now or help you decide if something different will serve
you best. (He knows first-hand that career paths need not be linear. He took a mid-career detour to Los Angeles to live out a
dream of being a hit songwriter, ultimately heightening his appreciation for the power of creativity in business.)  He has
worked for both fabulous and terrible bosses and studied their differences, as well as the differences between brilliantly effective
middle managers and underperformers. He has sat in countless client meetings where dysfunctionality weighed down outcomes and where
managers and executives were thwarted from being at their best – sometimes by team dynamics and other times by their own attitudes and
behaviors. And he has mentored his individual clients through difficult times, both personally and professionally.

He’s easy to talk to. So talk with him. It’s amazing what happens when clients receive the professional and personal support they need at
critical times in their lives and careers.