Values, Passions, and Earning Trust. At SHP we share three values: staying hypersensitive to time as our clients’ most precious personal commodity, always leaving our egos outside the door, and never forgetting that integrity is sacred in business. This is how we have earned the trust of more than 80 client companies, ranging from Global 100 to venture-backed startups in more than a dozen industries. We are also driven by three shared passions: a deep yearning to make clients more successful, excitement in finding new solutions to stubborn business problems, and discovering otherwise missed opportunities for our clients.

Brands and Innovation. In brand strategy, we believe that over-promise is as destructive as it is dishonest – but that aspirational “stretch goals” that you can deliver on are constructive and galvanizing. In product strategy, we believe that sustainability and environmental impact should be part of every product development decision process, and that prudently applied sustainability metrics create significant value through stronger brands and operational efficiencies. We also believe that getting brand marketing and product development right are equally crucial, and that better integration of innovation and brand strategy will power the next wave of best practices in strengthening customer relationships. That’s why we have this uncommon level of dual focus in helping our clients create the kind of value that drives sustained market leadership.

Companies Are the Key to a More Sustainable Future. We believe that companies have both enormous business opportunities in, and responsibility for, developing products and delivering services that make more efficient use of natural resources, mitigate climate change, reduce chemicals of concern in products, and drive more sustainable behavior in supply chains and in customer use. We want our client companies to still be here in a hundred years, leading their markets with a proud history of sustainable innovation and socially responsible business practices. That means helping them now to build more resilient companies in the face of unprecedented environmental and societal challenges, and in the process create a better future for everyone’s children, grandchildren, and beyond.